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A_Netherworld_12__Vinyl Front.png

Concept Album:
'A Netherworld'

Release Date: March 24th, 2023


'A Netherworld' is my musical project of hope. These are challenging times and so many parts of our world are fractured. However, I refuse to accept that this is our permanent state. In this project I continue to hope and dream a way forward. I see collective action. I see a new world built from the broken pieces. The foundations of this new world are community, connection, care, and change. Every single release from this project will partner with a different group or organization that works towards building a better world. The partnership may be in the form of an event or a donation link to a mutual aid organization….whatever it may be… hopefully it can be a step toward change. 'A Netherworld' has already given me hope, brought connection, and expanded my community. I’ve found crazy talented, community-minded musicians who have supported me and taken my songs into a new realm. I have connected with changemakers who understand the power of community and passionately work towards the creation of something better. I can not wait to share these new songs and work towards building a better world and future with you all. I need you. We need each other. 

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